Monday, February 09, 2009

Task Planned

In my previous blog "1st evening of Year 2009" I mentioned some tasks I planned to do this year, although after observing the number of tasks in the list some may say "it's insane to stretch these task to entire year"

I accept that but I also do believe that If you are going for long jump, you have to start with small steps. Lots of work are there in my real job and I am learning much there too, but I am gradually feeling that only counting the number of tasks I have to do is NOT sufficient. And I will be always busy in my job, actually they will keep me busy always that's what they give us compensation/salary.. :)

But I have to be quite serious, regular and more important sincere for success of my Knowledge Enhancement Program (KEP). And now I am feeling why deadline is very important in any work...(Generally I consider deadline is not a noun but is a Verb for employee "either the project will be died(Finished) by that time or employee...")

But I have to work in proper schedule time...kind of deadline. So I did some kind of time allotment for a few of my tasks. I will try to stick with this.

1) Basics of Linux -- One week
2) Basics of DirectShow -- One week
3) Advance Linux -- One week
4) YUV show project in DirectShow --Two week

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