Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dont say; I have not seen Dam

This weekend we have visited the place called dhamtari, and we have seen three large dams on the same day. Till now i had seen only one dam that is Sikasar dam that too long back. I have heard alot about gangrel dam from my mom and others. So we decided to take opportunity of this weekend and rainy season for visit of gangrel.

Basically first we reached Dhamtari and all dams are closed by to this. First we visited Gangrel Dam. It is located in Dhamtari district,about 15 km from dhamtari.It is built across Mahanadi river. It is the biggest and longest dam in chattisgarh and this is the reason of prosperity of this region. Then we visited Rudri dam. It is like a stoppage dam to control the heavy flow of water from Gangrel Dam. And at last we visited mooram silli dam. It is actually the first dam in dhamtari, which is built across Mahanadi river. Water goes from Moroom silli dam to Gangrel dam and then to rudri dam.

It is good picnic spot. Only remember one thing, take all food with you even the water. As I have observed, there are no hotels for food, some snacks and tea/coffee you may get but can be counted like nothing. Many people take all raw materials and they prepare food there only.

There are some pics I have taken from mobile Samsung Corby TV (SCH-F339) with 2 MP camera.

Happy Thinking Naturally..........