Friday, January 16, 2009

Add Icon to .exe using visual studio .net 2003

Since long time working with C/C++ project, I was almost fed of getting Blue border of .exe file view. So I decided to make my own icon and add that to my application.So after some hours of googling and almost same amount of my own testing of making .ico and adding to my application finally succeeded.

So here is the way....

Ok the way I am describing here is for "visual studio .net 2003", my googling says if you are working on DevC++ or VC6 kind of editor, there it is very easy just open "Project Option" or "Application" and you 'll find the option to use ICon either default one or you can import/browse also.

But if you are using "visual studio .net 2003" things are slightly different here.
Here in each project you have tree structure of Source, header and Resource.

so go to 'Resource files'folder and add Resource, you 'll get this kind of window..

So here select 'Icon' and click o 'New'.Once you would make .ico, you can just import it also(Keep your .ico on the same folder with .sln).ICon window will open with Image menu and Paint tool.

Now paint your dream to make your icon.

Just make sure after making this icon, click right click and check "current image type" if you see 32x32, 16 color then select "new image type" on the right click property page only and select 16x16 ,16 color or vice versa and paint it too.Just save and rebuild the complete solution. You will see 'resource is also getting compiled and linked.So the job has been done...just check your .exe icon now. It should be something like ......

So now enjoy icons in your .exe.

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  1. Hello!

    I really needed this for my 3D DirectX Projects
    So THANK YOU very much:)

    Greetings from Hungary