Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I read these books...

Hi these are some books I read and I recommend for others too. I remember my pre-final year of B.E. when I forcefully made my hobby "Reading novels", but now it becomes natural for me. I started with hindi novel. Actually i was inspired by one of my senior to read hindi novels and even while leaving college he gave me his Library ID also, so that I could continue this hobby...thanks a million to him.

So I started with Hindi novels, I like much Premchand and Bhagwati Sharan Verma although I read Mahadevi verma, Amrita Pritam.... then gradually I shifted to English novels and I am enjoying it a lot. Novels are the only thing which can take me away from my laptop...till now ;)

So here are the some of my Favorite books...
1) Thake paon (Hindi)
2) KarmaBhumi(Hinid)
3) The monk who sold his Ferrari
4) The Alchemist
5) Lord Of The Rings
6) The Vinci Code
7) Angels and Demons
8) Animal Form
9) Stranger in the mirror
10) If tomorrow comes..
11) Train to Pakistan

Enjoy reading.....

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