Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow!!!! YouTube Video with HD quality and download option

Good news guys...YouTube (google video site) is proving HD quality video on their site and now you can download those video too (without using any third party application). And if you want to know how they are able to transfer HD quality video through internet, the answer is ....they are using H.264 video compression format (my favorite one), which gives highest compression with better quality till date.The power of H.264 !!!!

But before rushing to Youtube site, here is the information for you.
Not all the clips are available in HD quality or with download option.It doesn't yet involve commercial content such as music videos otherwise who will buy it.. :)
Specially you will get Obama related stuff or home-made movies etc.
Here is one sample for you. From Barack Obama

If you want to read more information on it. here is the link for you.
* YouTube adds downloads, VUDU HD viewing

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