Friday, June 11, 2010

Soccer Wolrd Cup Calendar 2010

This year the most awaited 2010 FIFA Corld Cup is hosted by South Africa. As we all know matches are starting today onwards.Today one of my friend send me a link for soccer world cup 2010 calendar.

Calendar is such an amazing and it is made brilliantly and so superb....!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am watching this from last 20 minutes... ;), and just thinking how much effort people make to get this marvelous thing.

Soccer world cup calendar 2010.

Below there are some screenshots, hope you will enjoy.

Happy Thinking Naturally..........

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Book Review: The Lost Symbol

I just finished reading Lost Symbol, author Dan Brown. Although from last few couple of months due to some family related issues I rarely got time to read novels or even for writing blogs. For reading this book I took more days than usual, which was definitely not acceptable, but I was suffering from many diseases like busy for nothing, procrastination, lost of reading habit etc. Finally I completed this book like playing Age OF Empire, fighting against another empire and decided I have to win at any cost ;)

Now we’ll talk something about the novel. I sincerely felt this book as inferior than two other drama of Prof. Robert Langdon. The whole plot is of Washington DC , where Langdon unveiled so many Masonic architecture including US Capitol Building, Washington monument, White House, Smithsonian Institute etc. and tell the hidden Masonic relations with this building, while helping unwillingly the villain of the novel who is in search of the LOST WORD, which will give him greatest power and complete his transformation to almost like GOD. Author also discuss various Masonic ritual’s which considered to be dark side of life but author explains its noblest aspects of those initiations like from first to 33rd degree of initiations, Chamber of Reflection, etc.

The Lost Symbol, discuss various ancient cultures and their philosophies and discoveries Egyptian, Pythagorean, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Judeo-Christian, Pythagoras, alchemy, mysticism, magic etc. Sadly Dan Brown claims the invention of the number zero is done by Arabs, but the world know this greatest gift in number system is given by Hindu culture.

There are through description and analysis of various architecture and theories in this book I liked a lot is like importance of cornerstone, Washington monument, the Unfinished Pyramid in one-dollar bill, America’s “thirteen” conspiracy theories it means exactly thirteen storage rooms buried beneath the U.S. Capitol, the Great Seal of the United States had thirteen stars, thirteen arrows, thirteen pyramid steps, thirteen shield stripes, thirteen olive leaves, thirteen olives, thirteen letters in “annuit coeptis”, thirteen letters in “e pluribus unum”.

Overall I feel it 's worth to read if you wish to know something about freemasonry and relation of ancient America with masonic concept. According to me I will give this 4.5 points out of 10.

I am now thinking to read my long time awaited book The Story of My Experiments with Truth is the autobiography of Mohandas Karamchand Gandh.

Happy Thinking Naturally..........