Friday, January 02, 2009

1st evening of Year 2009

This is start of another new year (I assume it's according to scientific calender which apply world wide as every culture has different new year too). Suddenly after seeing all this new year celebration, parties I m realizing ohhh one year is over... and I dont remember much how it just has passed. Is one year duration so short... that I didnt even realize when this year 2008 was ended.

I feel apart from all that calculation/maths of years number like 2008 or 2009 for individual human being it is like milestones of life to remember like when I born, when I graduated, when I got married bla bla...

Many people take resolutions for the upcoming year like I 'll quit smoking or I'll read novel or magazine at least 2 hours daily, or so so.....I dont know how much they could maintain or remember their resolutions after one week of new year celebration but truly saying I couldn't. So this time I didn't take any resolution. Actually the thing is when the years ends i.e around 30 -31 st dec. I used to remember that I at the start of that year I took that resolution and that is still pending or not worked out properly, so I used to feel cheated by me only... so this year forget it. ;)

But ya I do have some plans not very specific but in skeleton format. And in spite of telling my heart secretly those plans and trying to make sure to store in mind, I want to publicize it. So at the end of the year I wont be the only person who is scolding me for unfinished tasks.. ;)

Just for summery of last year....

Let's start with technical life as last year I joined new job. I learned a lot in video codec domain. This years I worked on H.264,, AAC, AC-3, Mpeg1Layer2, code porting to ARM even to PDA/PPC, some touch of direct show, transform filters and RTP streaming of video. So I can technically this year was OK for me. OK because other than these I wanted to learn some other things personally for my development like 'Python', 'Symbian programming but couldn't.'

Personal life; truly saying after march-April this year was NOT at all good. I m still bachelor; the same status as it was for last 28 years, hey but dont think that's why I m saying this year was NOT good.... ;). I cant say but something is there which is dragging me away from my enthusiasm or josh to do some other things. I wasted my most of the time while watching movies. Ya if you watch movie once I would say it's good , it's not waste of time but if you watch the movie even you have already watched that and you also know that it 's not that worth to watch again but still watching as you are just not in mood to do anything else so what should we say it.... wastage of time right?

One good thing I did this year was I read lots of novels like Lord of the rings, Angels and Demons, The Vinci code, False impression, If tomorrow comes .... and so on.

Now Plans for this year...

1. Read a lot of novels.
2. Learn Direct Show and make interface with media player.
3. If direct show work over learn GStreamer interface.
4. Learn linux/ubuntu properly
5. Update blog regulary ;one month gap is NOT accepted at all (Seems most difficult one)

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