Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bacics Of Linux

As per my last blog I had scheduled the first one week duration for "Basics Of Linux". And I am feeling good that I finished this even before the schedule. I read the book "Introduction to Unix" .The book was quite simple and good. It starts with 'History of Unix ' and then 'Unix structure' expalining in brief about kernel, file/directory structure. Afterwards while explaining about 'terminal' and sh/ksh/csh/bash etc , it slowly switched to unix/linux command.

Commands are pretty much categories like the first category is "Directory navigation and control" which explain the command like pwd, cd, ls etc including their options. next is "File maintenance" commands are cp, mv, chmod, chown etc and then "Display" like echo, cat, more, less, pg, head ,tail etc commands

Next category is 'System Resources & printing' commands are like df, du, ps, kill, who whereis, which, date etc. I didn't read 'printing' related commands, it felt redundant to me presently so I skipped that. After that 'Shells' start which continues with 'Test processing ' commands with regular expressions grep, sed, gawk and other useful commands cmp, diff, sort, wc, touch, file , tar etc. The book ends with Shell Programming for learning purpose. This explains shell scripts, parameters/variables, here documents and control commands if, do -while , switch, test etc.

Actually from last 4-5 months I am also using 'Ubuntu Hardy' in my laptop, so I was so called using linux but I was working in Windows manner by NOT at all using 'Terminal' except for enabling my bluetooth mouse by 'hidd --search' command.

Now for my advance course of Linux I am planning to read another unix book "Unix Systems Programming" which explains how to design and implement reliable UNIX software and through coverage of files, signals, semaphores, POSIX threads and client server communication. I dont know how far i can proceed... ;)

And as my next task is "Basics of DirectShow" so I will be back to my Vista. Let's see how things goes there...

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