Saturday, January 05, 2008

Taare zameen per - Movie Review ...

Last week I watched movie "Taare Zameen Per"(TZP). It inspired me to do some creative work which soothe my mind. So I am here.

Taare zameen per(TZP) is simply awesome movie. After a long time I watched movie that is very simple by nature but touching the heart, sentimental but not depressing, inspire us to do hard work and win the world. Sometimes you may feel to cry but at the end I am sure you will be fully charged and feel highly energetics and enthusiastic. After watching movie you may feel that you should also do some creative work like painting ;)

The story is all about a child Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary), who is suffering from the peculiar diseases dyslexia due to this he is not able to remember the letters and its mirror image, not able to figure out what to do first when he gets multiple instructions and also not able to judge the speed and distance for the moving objects. The boy has done a superb job and full justice to his role.Ishaan is total failure case from his parents view, from his teachers view and even from his friend view. Nobody understand why Ishaan is like this. Ram Shankar Nikumbh(Aamir khan), who is his Art teacher, understand his problem and work hard to help the boy to overcome these problems. Finally extracts out his hidden art of painting...In painting Ishaan is much mature than a normal adult, he is genius in painting.

Songs are having good and meaningful lyrics with cheerful music, and main thing songs are part of the story, which we do not see in many movies nowadays. There is no item number and Pyaar-mohabbat saga. Aamir Khan is well known for his sensibility and intensity in making the films. This spirit of Aamir is continue in Taare Zameen Par. I can say this is the best movie of 2007. Just watch this movie, after watching this movie you will feel it is Full PAISA VASOOL. Just keep in mind this is Ishaan's movie not the Aamir Khan movie...

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