Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's about me...

Today I wanna write something about me!!!!
Actually some days before I was reading a article in newspaper, the writer very clearly mentioned his likes and dislikes. After reading, when I thought my choices I found that I am not coming to certain points.... ;)

As what I am doing is totally different than what I actually want. Finally I decided whatever is in the mind it should come out on paper/written. After doing this now I clearly know what I want and what not... I am putting my list here, but I suggest you also just give 5 min. for yourself and note down all the things which you like or don't, after that you will find ......It's ALL About ME.

My Favorite Places:
1) A garden full of scented flowers.
2) A quiet corner in a restaurant, where the waiters know what I like.
3) A bench on a railway platform, with no train to catch.
4) The shade of a old peepal tree, its leaves spinning in a gentle breeze.
5) Old banglows, with broad verandahs.
6) A bookshop full of book lovers.
7) Beaches and sea faces, should not be over crowded.
8) A night full of stars and milky way.
9) A hill top , all to myself.
10) Computer desk.

Unfavorite Places:

1) Court rooms, tax offices, police stations - all the appurtenance of government.
2) overcrowded places of worship/meals/restaurants.
3) A littered patch of ground the morning after a marriage party.
4) Public toilets and what the public left behind.
5) Hospital wards.

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