Friday, December 28, 2007

No New Year Resolution...

Hi Everybody!!!!

This is the last week of year 2007. The whole world is celebrating X-mas, everyone is so excited to welcome the new year. People are too busy in shopping and trying to bag more n more free offers by paying festival price like purchasing a pack of 4 soaps (3+1 free) of each 75 gms. in 75/- only instead of buying 3 soaps of each 100 gms. in 60/- or buy 2 get 1 free offer in cloths; point to be mentioned here that offer is NOT valid for new stocks, just be aware of * sign with attached sentence "*Condition Apply".

If you are thinking that people are busy in shopping and arranging the new year parties , so I will just say you are having the bull's eye not the omelet. I am smelling again the fragrance of New Year Resolutions in the air. So the very first question comes in my mind ..."why do we do new year resolution?" And the natural answer comes "To make our life better". Some persons speak loudly about their resolution and some think deeply in their heart but dont want to share the secret. May be because of fear of failure but anyway that's sure that all are thinking about it.

If you see mathematically the number of new year resolution is directly proportional to the homo sapiens population, dont think much over this word, you also belongs to this category... :) In resolutions people generally want to change/adapt particular habit like some want to quit smoking or drinking, some resolve to work hard or to earn that much money, some resolve to learn new art or instruments and some make a time table for them and resolve to follow it whole year/life etc. etc. If I remember my new year resolutions, it were almost the same I mentioned before. But in my case the very interesting thing is every year I remember my new year resolution just for two weeks that the last week of ending year and first week of new year. After that everything is same as previous. Please dont think that this happens with me only; around 90% of new year resolutions go like that, please dont ask me about the remaining percents... :0

Actually we should think each day as a new year as a new life. And each day we should think that "how can I make it better". Plan your day; every morning, try to execute in accordingly.Just make each day is your day, the year will come automatically and same with the life.So my new year resolution is "There will be No New Year Resolution, just enjoy the life naturally".

Wish you Happy New year.
bbye and think naturally.

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