Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A True Bhartiya Swami Ramdev ji speaking in Hindi at ITConclave 2012 India

Dear Friends,

I am feeling from sometime that I am watching so many good, informative and entertainment videos which may helpful for others too. But keeping it upto me only, does not seems fair to me and for others ....

So I decided to open video blog and put all the videos to watch by my readers. But it needed a new blog, new webpage and bla bla. In spite of starting new blog I choose to put new lablel 'video blog' in my current blog and continue posting in the current blog only. By doing this way, you dont have to switch to different blogs and all the information will be available here in one stop.

I hope you are enjoying my blog by reading the posts and watching the videos.

A True Bhartiya (Swami Ramdev ji) speaking in Hindi at #ITConclave in front of so called Creamy layer India.  He has answered in very polite manner all the questions rudely asked by Chetan Bhagat. Good one to listen him.

Happy Thinking Naturally..........

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  1. "Black money should come back. It is our own issue. Whoever raises the issue it is good and we support him," Mulayam said. He didn't say anything about disproportionate assets cases.