Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fact of life: 'Weds' Versus 'Vs'

Yesterday morning I was heading for my work, one 'Barat' was passing by, in one car it was written as "Ajay Weds Priya". Like ....

As I was in big hurry, so accidently I read "Ajay Vs Priya"........ oops!!!!
What I read, shhh due to this Cricket World Cup ; everywhere I am seeing 'Versus (vs)' between two things. This world cup is making me nerd.

I felt very bad for this mistake, but suddenly questioned myself again "Is this sentence really wrong" . I realized both of these sentences (Ajay Weds Priya And Ajay Vs Priya) are equally valid in life.

What do you THINK...........

Happy Thinking Naturally..........

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