Sunday, August 29, 2010

Missing Chidhood Friend

We occasionally remember our childhood days and from few days I am missing one of my old friend, you might be thinking some names but actually I am talking about a little House sparrows, that I used to watch like hours. Earlier you could have seen group of sparrows chirping in the corridor and bathing in the dust, driniking water from the filled holes in land. I remember my mother used to keep one small bowl outside to home and fill the water, so that these birds could get water in the hot summer. We used to watch their play, their chirping sound seemed like soothing songs to us.

But from last few months after settling with my hectic life I realized that my little old friend is almost disappeared. Now I am not seeing sparrows not only in my corridor but not even in my whole colony. I don't know whom should I blame? A multistory construction, lack of trees, pollution or overall atmospheric changes. Sometimes a very little thing you will not care in daily life, but once it goes you will realize it's importance.

I really wish sparrows would come back. We would get chance again to listen their songs and see their dance and watch their play in our corridor. I request everybody to contribute a little to environment. Plant trees and also do some gardening so that you will not miss your little sweet friends like me. We still have some time to recover this kind of tragic loss to the environment and our life. If at this time we will not think for them and for other animals and birds, we will just listen about them in stories or we will watch them in science fiction movies or we will read them in novels like dinosaurs or mammoth.

Happy Thinking Naturally..........

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