Thursday, April 16, 2009

That's why I LOVE Google

It's really really great. As we all know it's election time for Lok Sabha in India. So as a citizen of India after waiting in queue for 3-4 times around 3 hours each time, I got my Electronic Voter Id Card too. Since today onwards voting has been started. But as I was not knowing my voting booth where I can go and cast my vote. I decided to do some googling and thought of , first I will have to search for 3-4 official site by google and then I have to search again on those sites to identify my voting booth kind of tedicious work.

So I gave in google this quote "voting booth in karnataka" for search . And I got the second result is Voting For Election 2009 . Ya this is the google database page. And it's really awesome. Here not only you can find your vooting booth id but also you can check your all personal details (if official site has updated google took data from there) , Parliamentary constituency, last time parliamnet members, development data, latest election news.......etc etc. I just love it.The only issue is the listed city for personal details are less. The cities are Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, and Pune. Hey even though if you are not belonging to these cities other than your personal details you can check other informations.

So check this page and enjoy and do contribute to Election as it decides your fututre in one way or another.

Voting For Election 2009

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